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How does work:

We ask that you create BLK Cotton account before your first purchase. After the account is created each purchase enters you into a drawing for the chance for us to pay either you or someone of your choice’s student loan. This person will be contacted via information provided in your Blk Cotton account.

The purchases that are made via non-account holders cannot be entered due to lack of information. 

So yeah create an account…can you tell we’re millennials?  


Next !!

Buy something!!! Check out the gear. The brand is built for us by us. We’re tired of broken promises! This brand is an opportunity for us to fix our broken education system and make things better not only for us but for future students as well.

Oh yeah 25% of your purchase goes into the POT!!!



The POT is an allocation of funds, 25% from each purchase from the website, 100% from the GoFundMe Page and 70% from company Cashapp. POT information will be displayed on our website and is updated at the end of each month. 



Every trimester (4 months)  Black Cotton account holders will be randomly selected (that means more than one) to have a payment applied to a student loan of their chosen (that means you or someone you choose) The account holder must have made a purchase from the shop within the previous four month period. Winners will continue to be selected until the pot has hit zero.


Easy right...

Once we pay everyone’s student loans off the rest will go towards building a fund to be used to help future students. The POT will then go towards providing scholarships, grants and making payments for the students of tomorrow.